Routes in Mallorca: Serra de Tramuntana

Are you one of those who are impressed every time you go on a route through the Serra de Tramuntana? Even if you have done it more than 20 or 30 times throughout your life? Easy, you’re not alone.

Its natural beauty means that you can not separate the view of its impressive cliffs and the intense blue that comes along the route in the coastal sections. And what about the towns that you find every few kilometers? They are definitely a mandatory stop to complete the experience.

There are many options to do this route, lots of places to visit and obviously it is difficult to see everything in a day, so it is best to make 2 or 3 stops and enjoy the tranquility that each of them offers. As for the way to move there, you can choose to go by motorcycle, bicycle and even walk. We rather chose to be relaxed and invest all our energies in enjoying the landscapes and the most charming corners of the island, in good company. That’s why we chose to do the route by car, and to be more exact, with Muvon!

It goes without saying that crossing the Serra de Tramuntana by car has a very comfortable component to consider. What you may not know, is that doing this route in a 100% electric car, without emitting polluting gases and without having to pay for the costs of owning a car, is a luxury!

Do you want to discover what the experience was like? Keep reading!

1. We started from Palma: destination Valldemossa.

We booked our car for Saturday, at 10 am. We leave Palma, on Pelletería street and head towards Valldemossa. 20.4 km of road without hearing the noise of an engine and best of all, without leaving a trace. A very comfortable route, just a road with curves in the last 5 km. Do not lose your cool and relax if you meet cyclists. It is a route that, depending on the time of year and the day of the week, may be more or less traveled.

32 minutes after our departure we arrived to Valldemossa. It’s time to park and get to know this little town by walk. There are several areas to park, choose the one you like the most and remember that paying your ORA ticket costs € 2 per hour. Wait … electric cars don’t pay ORA!

In Valldemossa, there are several places you can not miss:

  • The Gardens of the Cartuja de Valldemossa
  • The Coll Bardolet Cultural Foundation, for fine arts lovers.
  • Museum of Chopin and George Sand

And of course, don’t forget to stroll through the beautiful streets of Valldemossa until you reach the Ca’n Molinas pastry shop and enjoy a good coca de patata.

Another place that is definitely worth visiting is one of the many viewpoints that you will find in the urbanization George Sand. To get there you should take the car again. It is located about 4.5 km from Valldemossa. You can leave the car at this exact point and just walk 50 meters, you will find a spectacular view like this:

2. Next destination: Deià.

Once enjoyed the view and silence of this magnificent viewpoint, it is time to take the car again and go to Deià. It is a route of 12.4 km and about 17 minutes long. Some say Deià is one of the most beautiful villages of the Balearic islands, and the truth is that it does not lack anything. The colorful and green vegetation surrounds its characteristic stone houses, making this place a refuge for great musicians and writers.

In Deià you have the possibility to park the car in blue zone (and save yourself a few euros, because with Muvon you will not pay!) And take a walk on your walk, where the views of the town accompany you at all times.

And what about Cala Deià? It’s a wonder you can not miss on your route, and more in a month of low tourist influx such as March or April. You can get there by taking the car and traveling about 3 km. In no more than 10 minutes you will have arrived at this cala with crystal clear waters.

Once you return to Deià you have several options: return where you came from, or keep moving forward and go to Sóller. The second option is the most recommended, since you’ve got there, it’s a pity that you miss what’s coming now!

3. Llucalcari

You will find this small village of only 20 houses when you leave Deià and head towards Sóller. Llucalcari is known for its beautiful rocky cala, which can be reached in about 20 minutes. A walk among pines and olive trees that is worth visiting. This place has little influx of tourists in summer and is famous for its mud baths.

4. Puerto de Sóller: end of our route.

At only 11.7 km and about 20 minutes away you will reach the Port of Sóller. A beautiful town with a natural harbor that, as the good weather approaches, there is a greater influx of people. The walks in front of the sea never disappoint and the ice cream that is eaten there, neither!

Finishing the route with a meal in one of the restaurants in the front line can be a great plan to replace your batteries, because with the car we still have 230 km of autonomy.

We return to Palma, there are 33 km of comfortable road and without curves, 45 minutes of road to return the Muvon car to its place.

The truth is that it is a great satisfaction to know that you can visit the most beautiful places of Mallorca without leaving a trace of air pollution or acoustics. In a route like this you will only hear the noise of the birds, the wind, the sea and the other vehicles on the road. An incredible route without spending fuel, without paying parking or the expenses of having a car in property. Incredible, right?

The conclusion for this experience has been only one: Muvon, I wish I had met you before!

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