Seven plans to do in Mallorca during the summer

Long days at the beach, the center of a crowded Palma, “a la fresca” dinners, and during the day you have a lot, a lot, a lot of heat. I suppose that with this description you’ll know that we refer to the summer, and specifically in Mallorca. It is the favorite time of the year for many, and although there are many tourists (like us) that does not prevent us from enjoying incredible places.We can say that, without a doubt, it is the time of the year that more and better ingredients gather to go out and make plans for the island. 

In today’s post we are going to tell you about seven plans you can make during the summer in Mallorca. Take note! 

1. Outdoor cinema

If you feel like leaving your routine and enjoying the plans offered by the city at this time of year at night, the cinema a la fresca is a must. It is celebrated every year in the Parc de la Mar de Palma, during the months of July, August and September. The films are screened in Spanish, Catalan and in the original version, on a giant screen next to the lake of the cathedral. As a novelty, this year we citizens can choose half of the 26 films that are issued, among a catalog of 500 titles. Would you like to vote for your favorite movie? You can do it through the website of the Ajuntament de Palma ! 

2. The wine route

I guess you’ve heard about the wine routes in Mallorca. One of them is sponsored by DO Binissalem and includes 14 wineries located in the central towns of the island: Santa María del Camí, Consell, Binissalem, Sencelles and Santa Eugènia. This route can be done by visiting one or several of the wineries, everything will depend on your time, and how much you like wine, of course! 

3. Enjoy a village festival

What would summer be without the folk festivals or as they say in Mallorca, “Revetlla”? From Sant Pere in Esporles at the beginning of July, to Sant Mateu in Bunyola, at the end of September … during the whole summer you will have night plans for sure! If you want to know the dates and locations of Mallorca that join this tradition and not miss any, visit the Mallorca Verbena website, where you will find a calendar of fairs and cultural activities on the island. 

4. Celebrate the Nit de San Joan

It is celebrated on the night of June 23 and is known as the shortest night of the year. There are many beaches that are filled with people making bonfires and enjoying a pleasant night.

But what we certainly recommend is to escape the hustle and bustle of people and choose a beach or remote cala, where there are few people and celebrate with your family. If you are not convinced to flee from civilization on a day like this, we suggest you go and see the traditional correfoc in the Parc de la Mar in Palma.

5. Take a trekking route

Wake up early, prepare a good snack and leave as soon as you can from home. The trekking routes in summer must be done early, since, as the midday approaches, the sun tightens and the effort you must make is much greater. You can do one of the routes of the Puig des Teix or Puig des Galatzó. Or the beautiful route from Portals Vells to the Cap de Cala Figuera if you prefer not to climb too high. At  you will find information about the many trekking routes that there are, with all the information that you must take into account. 

6. Walk the beaches and coves of the north coast

They are the least mentioned, but no less beautiful. Beaches such as Cala Sant Vicenç, Mal Pas, or the beautiful Cala Formentor are some of the gems you will find when you travel this area of ​​the island. In this case, we also recommend that you go in the early hours of the day to enjoy greater tranquility. 

7. Enjoy a sunset

Is there anything better than enjoying a sunset after a long day at the beach? To have the best scenario, we recommend that you choose somewhere on the west coast. “Sa Torre de ses Ànimes” or “Torre del Verger” is a good choice and you will find it leaving the town of Banyalbufar towards Estellencs. This viewpoint has an easy access and from there you can enjoy an amazing sunset. 

Cinema, good wine, festivals, trekking, beaches and sunsets. These are undoubtedly plans to enjoy a great summer, and if we add the convenience of reaching the sites with Muvon without leaving a trace of pollution, it is magnificent!

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And for you, what plans can not be missed in a summer on the island? Leave us your recommendations, we will love reading!

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