Mallorca in May: 5 plans with a special touch

They say that the month of May is one of the best to make plans in the island. Despite of the fact that the high season is starting, it is a calm month and the weather, without a doubt, accompanies.

That’s why today we inspire you with five different plans to enjoy on the island during the month of May. These are key sites that you can not miss, markets and fairs that you can reach thanks to Muvon and the advantages of carsharing. Ready? Let’s go!

1. Costitx en Flor, agricultural fair of flowers and plants

Flowers and plants are the protagonists during this fair celebrated every year in Costitx. Going to this event is a good plan to take advantage of a holiday, since the appointment takes place on May 1, worker’s day.

If you do not know the town of Costitx, it is 38.9 km from Palma, and it is one of the smallest towns with the smallest population in the Balearic Islands. In addition, Costitx is part of the Pla de Mallorca area, so you also have Sencelles very close, Lloret de Vistalegre and Sineu. If you ever wanted to visit this towns, now it’s a good time.

Put it on the agenda, Costitx en Flor is the perfect date to pay tribute to spring!

2. Excursion to the Dragonera Island National Park

This small island located west of Mallorca meets the conditions that make it a natural enclave worth visiting.

To go to Sa Dragonera you can do it from San Telmo or Andratx, where daily the swallows make this journey, from the month of May to October.

Sa Dragonera

It is said of Sa Dragonera that it is an extension of the Serra de Tramuntana, and the truth is that it really looks like it. Its mountainous landscape and native fauna make it unique. There are several excursions or tours that you can do within the island and one advantage is that you will not have to choose only one. Being an island with a small extension, if you organize well, you can do them all on the same day.

You must know that Sa Dragonera is a maritime-terrestrial Natural Park, so it is regulated by a rules of visits. The hours are from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., in the months from April to September, and from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., in the months of October to March.

After enjoying a great day in Sa Dragonera you can return home, or make a stop in San Telmo and enjoy its incredible sunset. It’s up to you!

3. Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation in Mallorca

The Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation may be a place that you have known in your childhood, since it is a very common visit for elementary students in the schools of Mallorca. But if you did not study primary education on the island, you have never visited it or simply want to enjoy with other eyes this architectural jewel and the artistic atmosphere that is breathed in this place, it is worth approaching.

Pilar y Joan Miró Foundation

Joan Miró left as a legacy to the citizens of Mallorca, a collection of more than 100 works (paintings and sculptures). The foundation puts at your fingertips the perfect opportunity to discover the creative process of Joan Miró, in the place where he worked and lived for almost 30 years of his life.

Find out how to get there and more information about this place here.

4. Wine and cheese fair, Estellencs

Did you think that we were not going to offer you any plan for your palate? At the gastronomic fair of wine and cheese in Estellencs you will know first hand the perfect marriage. It is a tradition that this year will be ten years and the truth is that it brings together more posts and visitors each year.

The small drawback is that it also takes place on May 1. However, with Muvon you can get to everything, you do not have to choose! 🙂

5. International Festival of Classical Music of Deià

In May, the International Classical Music Festival in Deià starts every year. It is a series of weekly concerts that take place from May to the end of September. In them, international artists from all over the world act. Here you can take a look at the concert program.

Whether you’re a classical music fan or not, you should know that it’s an experience worth living. It is celebrated in the incredible Finca de Son Marroig at sunset, so you can imagine the landscape that is drawn on the scene with the sea in the background.

And here are the five plans that you can enjoy in Mallorca during the month of May! We hope that you have entered the worm to make different plans like the ones we have offered you and to enjoy the island at this time.

Remember that if you book Muvon to make your plans you will not only enjoy the comfort of traveling all these places by car, but you will also do it in a sustainable way by electric car and enjoying the advantages of carsharing. Can you ask for something more?

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