Five tips to optimize the autonomy of an electric car

Driving an electric car is an incredible feeling. Not only for the absolute silence of the engine, but also for knowing that you are moving without leaving a trace of pollution on the planet. 

However, electric mobility entails the practice of a more conscious and responsible lifestyle.The main reason is that the autonomy of the battery is limited, although if you think about it, the deposit of a fuel car also, right? 

In today’s post we want to give you five tips to optimize the autonomy of the electric car while driving , and also, enjoyment of tranquility and long autonomy in your travels with Muvon! Take note: 

1. Reduce air conditioning

We all love being cool in the car when there is high temperatures outside, or put on the heating in the middle of winter. But in an electric vehicle is one of the factors that shorten the autonomy of the battery (between 5% and 20%), depending on the average speed at which you drive. Therefore, avoiding or reducing the use of the air conditioner, the battery will always last longer. Another option is to heat or cool the car while it is plugged in and turn off the air conditioner when you are going to start your journey. We know that it is not the same, but it is a viable option. 

2. Use the ECO mode

Most electric cars incorporate it and driving with Muvon it’s not an exception. This system optimizes energy consumption, smoothing engine response and limiting speed, among other driving functions. Activating this mode, in addition, will slightly increase the regenerative braking, favoring a greater autonomy. 

3. Drive by city

If you have to travel to a place that you can only access by road or highway, don’t worry, you can do it!
But if there are sections where you can choose between city or highway, move around the city, since that entails a very significant energy saving for an electric car. 

4. Encourage regenerative braking

The regenerative braking is one of the most useful systems that incorporate electric cars. This system allows to reduce the speed of the vehicle, transforming the kinetic energy into electrical energy. In electric cars, braking is synonymous with inefficiency, so driving at a constant speed, accelerating progressively and lengthening braking to the maximum, can increase battery life up to 20%. 

5. Avoid stepping on the accelerator

In addition to keeping your speed as constant as possible, the fact of not stepping on the accelerator will favor a longer battery life. We know that it is difficult to resist, since the immediate response offered by an electric car is unbeatable compared to fuel vehicles, but if you want to optimize the maximum autonomy, you must take it into account. 

Moderate the use of the air conditioner, activate the ECO mode, encourage your driving through the city, use regenerative braking and avoid stepping on the accelerator and you will undoubtedly lengthen the autonomy of the electric car. 

In case you did not know, with Muvon you have 300km of autonomy (which is already a lot), but it is important to keep in mind that this amount of km will vary depending on the type of driving you do and how much or how little you follow these guidelines that we have given you, in your travels. 

After giving you these tips, it’s time to stop the theories, and put it into practice. You know, follow these instructions and … long live your autonomy!

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