Below you will find a list with the most frequently asked questions.


What is muvon?

Muvon is a carsharing service with the first vehicle available in the historic center of Palma de Mallorca. Electric (zero emissions) vehicles that move with 100% renewable energy and that can be booked only for the time you need . It works under the round-trip model: that is, you will always return the car at the same point where you picked it up. As if you had your own car in the parking lot, with the difference that you only pay for the time you use it .

How do I register?

Complete the registration form with your personal information. As soon as we receive your request, we will contact you by email to give you access to Zemtu, our reservation system. From there you can update your profile with your driving license and a payment method. In less than 24 hours, our team will validate your information and you will be able to make your first reservation.

Do you prefer to do it in person and get to know us? Our offices are in C / Sant Pere Nolasc 7A, Palma. Write to beforehand to make an appointment.

How long does the registration process take?

It takes less than 24 hours from the time you register and provide copy of your license. We manually validate and verify each new sign-up, so if you register outside of businesshours , you may not be able to access the reservation system until the morning of the working day. However, our team always tries to be as agile as possible.

What data do I need?

You only need an identity document, a valid driving license issuedin Spain or European Union and a bank account number.

What is required to join Muvon?

You must be aged 25 years or over with a valid driver’s license that is at least 2 years old.

Can I register with a driver's license issued outside of Spain?

Yes, as long as it is issued within the EU.

Can I register as a company?

We have special plans for companies that want to offer the service to their workers as a company car or use our service.

Contact us for more information. As a company you can assign users while paying for the service in a consolidated settlement.

Personal information

How can I modify my personal data?

Log in and access your personal profile to modify your data at

How do I change my password?

Access your profile at and modify your password in the link you will find under your username.

How is my driver's license validated?

You can directly upload a photograph of the front of your driver’s license to your personal profile at We will validate it in about an hour and we will notify you by email when you are ready to make your first reservation.


How do I make a reservation?

The easiest way is to download our webapp when you first access our reservation system. However you can also use your computer, tablet or mobile phone by logging intoyour account.

Access our booking platform at, where you can select your desired vehicle, date and time slot. If the slot selected is available, and does not coincide with an existing booking of another user, a message will appear saying  that the reservation is possible. Press the green button to confirm and the reservation will be saved automatically. You can also offer to share a ride with other users by clicking on lift. In this way you share the cost, positively contribute to the environment, and also help to reduce the traffic 😉

Can I modify my reservation?

At any time. Once the reservation period has started, you can only modify the drop-off time, as long as the vehicle is available. You can see your active reservations in the bottom menu “Reservations”.

How do I start and end a reservation?

When you are  at the pick-up designated location (the location is shown in our web app, you will have seen it when making the booking) press the green button in the “Access” menu in the web app from your mobile.

After about 20 seconds the car will open and you can start using it.

Remember that the keys are in the glove compartment, with which you can open and close your car normally while you are using the vehicle.

When it is time to drop-off the vehicle, park it in the same location of pick-up, leave the keys in the glove compartment,  press the red button “Access” in the web appand in about 20 seconds the vehicle will close. Remember to leave it charging so that the next user has enough battery for the trip.

Please also remember to check the status of the car. You will find in the glove compartment the details so that you can check any existing damages. If there is any inconsistency, please call us before starting to use the service to notify us.

How do I know if a vehicle is available?

In the menu “Vehicles” you will be able to see all available vehicles.

How do I pay?

You can pay by direct debit. From muvon we will send you a monthly invoice with the breakdown of your consumption. The billing period begins on the 15th of each month.

Can I cancel a reservation?

Yes, as long as it has not started. To do so you can go to your active reservations in the “Reservations” menu, select the reservation you wish to delete and press the red “Delete reservation” button.

What happens if I return the car late?

Keep in mind that muvon is a shared service, so there might be another person waiting for you to return the vehicle. We all have unforeseen events, so if for any reason you can’t return it e on time, you should notify the muvon administrator immediately by phone (+34 623 188 381), so that we can find an alternative solution for the next user who has booked the vehicle. Remember that “To share is to care”.

What happens if I return the car early?

You will only be charged for the time you have used. For example, if you had a reservation from 10:00 to 12:00 and return it at 11:30, you will only pay an hour and a half. Just remember to modify your reservation in the web app. 

What happens if I run out of battery on my cell phone while I am using the service?

All muvon cars have cables to charge your mobile phone (apple, USB-C, mini USB). Make sure you have enough battery to complete the reservation using the USB socket located in the center panel, below the navigation screen.

Should I bring the keys with me while using the service?

Yes, that is the most convenient way of using the service. You can open and close the car with the keysinstead of using the web app.


How do I start the car?

Remember that being an electric automatic vehicle, you will only use the right foot, by alternating between the accelerator (right) and brake (left) pedals. Forget your left foot. If it is your first time driving an automatic car, we recommend placing your left foot as far as possible from the pedals .

Once seated in the driver’s seat and with the mirrors adjusted and the seatbelt fastened, press the brake pedal WITH THE RIGHT FOOT and press the START button where the contact is usually found.

The shift lever has four functions:

P: Parking to be used when parking, the transmission is locked so te vehicle does not move

R: Reverse used to move the vehicle backwards

N: Neutral used when stopped for a long time, such as in traffic

D: Drive  used when driving normally

To drive, move the lever to position D and smoothly alternate the brake pedal with the accelerator. You will notice how the car starts to move forward. From there it is all about driving and having fun.

Where are the keys?

You will find the proximity card in the glove compartment. It is not necessary to insert it into the slot to start the car. Just remember to put it back in the glove compartment when you finish using the service.

What autonomy does the car have?

In full charge and normal conditions you can travel up to 300 Km. Everything will depend on the type of driving, the orography and the use of heating or air conditioning that you make during the journey.

What equipment does the vehicle include?

Your muvon vehiclehas heating, air conditioning, GPS, multimedia player(Radio, USB, Bluetooth), radio and Mennekes type charging cable (fast charging) in the trunk.

Is insurance included?

Yes, all muvon cars are fully insured with a € 300 franchise. Please check the terms and conditions for more details onthe coverage.

Where can I drive?

You can drive on any public road except in the restricted areas (ACIRE areas of Palma), where you will only be able to access the area wherewhere you picked up the vehicle.

Can I move around the ACIRE area?

Your muvon vehicle can circulate in the ACIRE area where it is parked, which include certain areas(see attached picture). If you have any doubt, please write us an e-mail at and we will clarify it.

Battery charge

How long does the battery last?

Depending on the type of driving, use of heating and other factors, the vehicle can travel up to 300 Km. With an efficient use of batteries you can even extend the range while driving.

How can I optimize the battery life?

Muvon vehicle have a regenerative braking system: raising the foot of the accelerator will not only slow down without pressing the brake, but also will recharge the batteries. With an efficient use of batteries you can extend the autonomy without having to connect to a charging station.

You have, next to the shiftlever, a button that will put the car in ECO mode: by reducing the acceleration and limiting the speed to 95km / h, you will be able to extend the range considerably. We recommend a smooth ride, anticipating the maneuvers (reducing in advance), accelerating smoothly and making moderate use of the air conditioner. In this way you will optimize the battery life.

What do I do if I run out of battery?

If you do not have sufficient autonomy to get to the original parking lot, you should make sure during the journey to charge the car while it’s parked, finding charging points that allow you to arrive on time to complete the reservation.

Where can I find the charging stations?

Muvon vehicles have GPS with a map of the public charging points available throughout the island. Via the MELIB charging stations network (you will find the card in the glove compartment) you can charge the car for free. Many shopping centers also have free fast charging points for their customers

How do I recharge the car's battery?

At the muvon car park: open the bonnet hatch (Renault logo) either with the button marked with a plug on the car’s remote control or from the button located on the left panel of the dashboard, between the steering wheel and the driver’s door. You will have 30 seconds to connect the charging cable. The charging point is activated automatically. To disconnect it press one of the buttons again and simply pull the connector gently. The charging process will stop.

At public charging points: with the MELIB card that you will find in the glove compartment and the charging cable available in the trunk, you can use any of the charging stations available on the island. Follow the instructions in these points to activate your station and start charging. You can check the availability of the charging points in real time at

Rules of use

What rules should I take into account?

In addition to the traffic regulations, we would appreciate if you consider the following points when driving. Remember that you share a vehicle with other users 🙂

  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages, medications that alter consciousness or narcotics if you are going to drive.
  • Do not smoke inside the car.
  • Do not take more passengers than allowed.
  • If you carry animals, take them inside a carrier.
  • Do not let someone else drive during your reservation otherwise the insurance will not cover you.
  • Return the car clean.

Tell us about any damage you find in the car (In the glove compartment you will find a report on the current state of the vehicle).

Remember that being a shared serviceother people may be waiting at the time that your reservation ends. If for some reason you can not arrive on time and you can not extend the reservation, contact to advise about the arrival time.

What happens if I get a ticket?

While using the service, you are responsible for fines for traffic violations, improper parking, etc. If we receive a ticket and we process it, we will charge you € 10 in processing costs in addition to the original amount of the fine.

Inform us. Send us an email to to inform us that you have been fined. Whether you managed it yourself or wish us to take care of it, we needto have proof of what happened. We need to have date and time of the infraction, the registration number of the vehicle, the type of infraction (speeding, parking, etc.), the number of the ticket, the amount and the city where it was issued. In this way, if there is a problem with the payment process, or a technical failure, we will know that you are aware and that you have not thrown it away. Keep in mind that some infractions may impact the insurance coverage, so it is very important that you report any incident to muvon.

What happens if I do not pay?

If you do not pay the fine, authorities will inform us on this and we will charge you a processing fee of € 10 plus the amount of the fine. Delaying or not paying a fine may generate additional fees from the authorities, we thereforerecommend that you pay the fine immediatly.

Can I appeal it?

If you want to appeal a fine and the issuing authority allows it, do it as soon as possible. If we receive a notification by mail, and have not yet appealed the fine to the issuing authority, we will automatically charge the amount of the fine to your account, plus the processing fee.

What do I do if I forget or find something in the car?

Whether you forget or if you find an object it is important that you send us an e-mailat so that we can take care of it. If you find an object, please leave it in the trunk and we will locate and return it to the owner.. Muvon is not responsible for the forgotten objects in the car during your reservation, although we will do our best to recover them.

Can another person drive during my reservation?

No, reservations are personal and only the user who made the reservation can drive.

Is it allowed to take animals?

Yes, as long as you are respectful with the other users and carry them in your carrier (except the guides, who can travel with their owners). Please note that additional charges may apply according to the T&C in regard to dirt and odors.

What do I do if I have an accident?

If the accident is mild and involves third parties, fill in the car accident form located in the glove compartment. The vehicle is fully insured with a deductible of € 300, so if you are responsible for the accident, in case you need repairs you must take charge of that amount. Review the Contract Conditions for more information.

What do I do if I find damage on the car?

When you start your reservation take a moment to review the general condition of the vehicle and compare it with the report you will find in the glove compartment. If you find any damage that does not correspond to the damage inspection document, please let us know before starting the march. This is very important, since if you do not do it, you could be unfairly charged.

How can I contact muvon?

Write us to or call us at +34 623 188 381.

What happens if I return the car dirty?

With the use, all the cars get dirty, that is why in Muvon we take care of keeping them as clean as possible. If you consider that by the end of your reservation the car is not as you would like to find it, we would appreciate it if you clean it, since there could be additional charges in case of an extra cleaning.


Where can I park?

You can park in the areas enabled for it. Remember that being an electric car you do not have to pay ORA:)

Can I park without completing the reservation?

Yes, remember to take the keys with you and keep in mind that the reservation does not end until you leave the car at its point of origin.

Do ORA pay for electric cars?

No, electric vehicles are exempt from paying in a regulated area (Blue Zone).

How do I access the muvon parking?

To access “Jeroni”, stand next to the parking garage door and make a free call to +34 629 925 117, the door will open as many times as you need during the period of your reservation. To exit the parking, use the black ‘nice’ remote that you will find in the glove compartment.


When will I receive the invoice?

On the 15th of each month we will issue an invoice for the total use corresponding to the previous month, broken down by reservations.

Can I unsubscribe?

We are sorry to see you leave, but you are within your rights to do so whenever you want. If it is due to any incident, call us at +34 623 188 381 and we will try to solve it, if you still want to unsubscribe, write to and we will help you in the process.

Are there other costs I need to know about?

Muvon cars are insured at all risk with a € 300 franchise (the maximum amount you would have to pay in case of being responsible for an accident).
€ 30 in case of smoking inside the car.
€ 30 in case of extra cleaning (mud, pet hair, stains on the upholstery).
€ 10 for processing a fine (plus the amount of the infraction).

Consult the Terms and Conditions for more detailed information about costs and surcharges.