Five coves of Mallorca that look like a pool

Find the cove with the most crystalline water, with less influx of people and with the best possible access. That is the mission that all of us who live in Mallorca when summer comes, we want to fulfill. And there are coves of all kinds, with turquoise water, blue water, sand, rocks, algae or pebbles. Whatever your preference when choosing a cove, we bring you today five inlets of Mallorca that look like a swimming pool. Take note! 


If you did not know, in this area of ​​Mallorca there are many coves along about 200 meters right under the urbanization of Maioris. All bathing areas are rocky, except for the one at the end, which has sand. As for access, you can do it on foot along the coast from the Beach Club Mhares, located in the Puig de Ros urbanization, or from different points of the Maioris urbanization. The water in this area has an intense blue hallucinating color. However, you must bear in mind that the walking route you will do depends on the cove or bathing area in which you decide to stay. Remember that since there are no restaurants or places to buy food and drink, you must be equipped with water and food to spend a long day, it is definitely worth staying until sunset !

Delta - Calas in Mallorca that look like a pool

Photo: Cala del Delta

Cala Es Cucó

We have mentioned in other posts coves that are in the coastal area of ​​the Tramuntana , but we could not speak of coves with crystal clear waters in Mallorca and not mention any of this area. This cove is next to the Na Foradada cove, it is also made of rocks and stones and you will have to walk about 40 minutes to get there. But calm, the road is perfectly signposted and enabled, although the descent is a bit complicated. Only the brave can enjoy a cove very little frequented in an idyllic place. You dare? 

Cala Na Clara

Pointing to the other end of the island, going towards the cap de Farrutx is this cove. It is true that Na Clara has undergone some changes over the years, the result of some landslides, since it is under a cliff. But it is a totally safe place and its Mediterranean essence continues, making it shine with all its splendor. It is located at the end of the urbanization of Betlem, which belongs to the municipality of Arta. Its access has a medium difficulty, since it is necessary to descend by a footpath and by a strong slope between rocks, although the route is not very long. It is a little frequented cove, so in it you will find much tranquility and spectacular views. It has several bathing areas, where you will find sand, rocks and stones.

Cala Na Clara - Coves in Mallorca that look like a pool

Photo of Cala Na Clara: Mar Aloy

Cala en Basset

It is a cove of rocks located several kilometers from San Telmo, heading west of the island, in the municipality of Andratx. If you do not have the chance to get there by boat, you can arrive with Muvon, which is simpler, and more sustainable. You must park the car in an authorized area and then walk along a path for about two kilometers. In this cove there are rocks and stones, but you will enjoy a calm environment and crystal clear turquoise waters, the most important thing! 

S’Arenalet d’Aubarca

When we say that exotic areas such as the Caribbean have nothing to envy to the beaches of Mallorca we refer to beaches like this one, among others. S’Arenalet d’Aubarca is a true paradise. It is located in the area of ​​Arta, about 12 km from the town. The only access is crossing a path on foot, on a trip of about an hour and a half, approximately. The route is perfectly marked by hikers, with small piles of stone. When you reach the beach area you can enjoy fine white sand, views of a cliff and crystal clear waters. Fancy, right? 

Cala S'Arenalet d'Aubarca - Coves in Mallorca that look like a pool

Photo: S’Arenalet d’Aubarca

At Muvon we like to get out of the ordinary and get to know new places, check out the blog posts ” Routes with Muvon ” to see it with your own eyes and inspire yourself. And the truth is that there is no better time than summer to explore and discover new coves in Mallorca.

Muvon always adds to your routes and routes that sustainable ingredient and freedom that otherwise would not achieve. What are you waiting for? Register and live the experience yourself, discovering first hand the five coves of Mallorca that look like a swimming pool! 

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