To make your first reservation with muvon, it is necessary that you first register with your personal information on our website and update your profile with your driving license and a payment method in Zemtu, our reservation system.

If you have already completed the registration, here are the instructions to access the car and start driving with muvon. Take a few minutes to read them, especially if it’s your first reservation.

You can also take a look at our FAQ or get in touch with us if you need it.

Make your first reservation

After completing the registration, the system sends a request to muvon to validate your data. This process usually takes less  than 24 hours. After this time, enter the web app and select the “vehicles” tab to make your reservation.

Book the hours you need and remember that this is a shared service, so someone might have book the vehicle to pick it up when you finish using it. It is therefore very important that you bring it back on time.

Access the parking

Jeroni, our first car, is parked in the Sant Jeroni complex located in the Calatrava neighborhood. Go to Calle Pelleteria 7 and call the phone number you received by SMS to open the garage door.

Walk down the ramp and locate the parking space number 11. There you will find Jeroni.

Open the car

In the “Access” tab of the web app you will find the “Open car” button. Press it and wait about 20-30 seconds.

You will find the card that opens and closes the vehicle and the parking access control in the glove compartment. It is not necessary to insert the card into the slot to start the vehicle. Remember to always take the key with you while using the vehicle. Once the reservation ends, leave it in the glove compartment for the next user.


Adjust the mirrors by turning the wheel on the driver’s door and fasten the seat belt.
Press the brake and the “Start” button to start the car.
Press the D + brake to advance forward.
Press the brake R + to go backwards.
Press the brake P + to park.

Being an automatic car and without gears, driving is done only with the right foot. Forget about your left foot and alternate smoothly between brake and accelerator only using the right foot.

Circulate in the ACIRE area

Jeroni can circulate through the resident-only ACIRE area of ​​La Calatrava. To leave the old town from the parking, once you are out of the building, turn right every time you can until you reach Avenidas. To return to the parking, you can do so taking the Santa Fe street, carrer de Socors or carrer Cadena, between Cort and Santa Eulalia.


You can charge the vehicle battery at any free station on the island with the MELIB card located in the glove compartment. You can also use the free charging stations located in some shopping centers (IKEA, LIDL, …). You can check the status of the MELIB network in real time from this link.

You will find the charging cable in the trunk. The blue terminal connects inside the Renault symbol on the car’s hood. To open the socket, press the plug button on the remote control.


Call us at 623 188 381 or write at . We are here to help you.