Five coves of Mallorca that look like a pool

Find the cove with the most crystalline water, with less influx of people and with the best possible access. That is the mission that all of us who live in Mallorca when summer comes, we want to fulfill. And there are coves of all kinds, with turquoise water, blue water, sand, rocks, algae or pebbles. […]

Seven plans to do in Mallorca during the summer

Long days at the beach, the center of a crowded Palma, “a la fresca” dinners, and during the day you have a lot, a lot, a lot of heat. I suppose that with this description you’ll know that we refer to the summer, and specifically in Mallorca. It is the favorite time of the year […]

Five tips to optimize the autonomy of an electric car

Driving an electric car is an incredible feeling. Not only for the absolute silence of the engine, but also for knowing that you are moving without leaving a trace of pollution on the planet.  However, electric mobility entails the practice of a more conscious and responsible lifestyle.The main reason is that the autonomy of the […]

Carsharing en Mallorca Muvon Palma

Carsharing arrives to Mallorca

Carsharing started in Switzerland in the 1940s, where cooperatives bought homes and vehicles in timeshare to supply the high demand that existed at the time. Such was the success that the idea extended to countries such as France or Austria, helping to mitigate the effects of the oil crisis of 1973. Since then carsharing has […]